Our Store is dedicated towards bringing great fashions at discounted prices .We hope and strive to keep our online store updated with the newest styles that follow our particular taste .Our products have been tried and proven .Our prices are very competitive .We search out ways to keep our cost down and pass our savings on to our customers while trying to run a profitable business.We spend countless hours working on maintaining a great virtual inventory that will bring value and quality to our buyers.We welcome any feedback from our customers and aim to maintain customer relations..We have size charts and customer testimonials on many products that correspond with intl vs.U.S. sizes . If you have any questions please send us an Email . . Please note: out of the many orders placed your products will be processed a.s.a.p within a 24 hour period . .If you are ordering something you need immediately we suggest other means of ordering .Our products are shipped from facilities in the U.S. and from around the world....So please find something you like ,be patient and shop with confidence.Our discounted prices are are competitive in any market.We hope our shoppers respect this and understand the logistics of running a business that has price in mind.People always want to know more about the Mystery Gift on orders over $100.00 . The gift will be selected from within the theme of your order and will be a quality and exciting gift from us to you . If we told you what it was it would not be a mystery ... Our Mystery Gift is a show of our appreciation .We understand we are not the only store in town!!!!